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    Associate Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology

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    Kristie Campana

    Associate Professor of I-O Psychology

    I am currently an Associate Professor of Psychology at Minnesota State University, Mankato. I specialize in courses in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, but I also teach courses on research methods and statistics, and consult with clients on selection and employee development.

  • Teaching


    Psyc101: Introduction to Psychological Science

    Psyc211: Research Methods

    Psyc340: Social Psychology

    Psyc456: Personality Theories

    Psyc460: Psychology of Women

    Psyc463: Survey of Industrial-Organizational Psychology

    Psyc610: Research Design and Statistics (Graduate Level)

    Psyc660: Employee Selection (Graduate Level)

  • The Organizational Effectiveness Research Group can address many of your workplace needs

    Employee and Customer Surveys

    We can help your organization design and implement surveys, as well as provide analysis and reporting on the results.

    Training and Development

    Our staff are experts in identifying training needs, implementing training, and evaluating the success of training programs.

    Selection and Evaluation

    Our staff members can help you identify critical job competencies, test and select employees, and evaluate their performance.

    Research and Analytics

    Our consultants are proficient in research design and statistical analysis. We can help your organization make data-driven decisions.

  • Research

    Current Projects

    Deception in Interviews

    This project, in conjunction with Dr. Emily Stark, is investigating how accuracy in detecting deception affects practical decision making such as in employment interviews.

    Student Success in College

    What can help us predict student outcomes, such as persistence and retention? What strategies can institutions use to help better support and engage first-year students? How can institutions tailor their approaches to students to serve them well based on individual differences?

    Incivility and Bullying among Nurses

    Nursing, as a profession, is in a state of crisis. As it is, we are facing a notable shortage in nurses. At the same time, new nurses often leave the profession, typically citing maltreatment as a key reason. Why do more tenured nurses bully new nurses, and what can the profession do to address the problem?

    Recent Alumni and their Transition to the Workplace

    Employers of new graduates have many complaints-- they are unable to problem-solve independently, present to clients, and act professionally. Why do young adults seem to struggle with the school-to-workplace transition, and what can college instructors and administrators do to improve student preparation for the work world?

    Predicting Pilot Performance

    This work, in collaboration with Mr. Tom Peterson in the Aviation Department, is focused on learning about what characteristics help predict success in training performance and job performance.

  • Scholarly Work

    Selected Publications

    Koopman, J., Bono, J., Klodiana, J., & Campana, K. (in press). Daily shifts in regulatory focus: The influence of work events and implications for well-being. Journal of Organizational Behavior.


    Campana, K.L. (in press). Exam review trivia. in W. Altman, L. Stein, & J.R. Stowell (Eds) Essays in E-xcellence in Teaching (Vol. 15)


    Campana, K.L. & Hammoud, S. (in press). Incivility from patients and their families: Can organizational justice protect nurses from burnout? Journal of Nursing Management.


    Campana, K.L. (2014). Industrial and organizational and community service involvement: Students helping locally. In W. Reichmann (Ed.) Industrial and Organizational Psychology Help the Vulnerable: Serving the Underserved (pp. 243-257).



    Selected Presentations

    Campana, K.L. (2014). Bedside Manners: Incivility in the Nursing Profession. Keynote speech delivered at the Honor Society of Nursing conference, Mankato MN.


    Campana, K.L. (2014). Where Do We Go from Here? Practical Steps toward Ending the Incivility Cycle. Presentation delivered at the Honor Society of Nursing conference, Mankato, MN.


    Cole, K., Camp, H., & Campana, K.L. (2014). Shifting a Culture: Writing, WAC, and Assessment. Paper presented at the International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference, Minneapolis, MN.


    Bono J.E., Koopmann, J.M., & Campana, K.L. (2012). Work Events, Mood, and Motivation: An Experience Sampling Study. Paper presented at the Academy of Management's Annual Meeting, Boston, MA.

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